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You are the fuel for our fires!

By becoming a Fueler, you are keeping the fires burning at CAFAC.

It's more than a metaphor. Fuelerships help us support the learners and artists at CAFAC every day. That means you're helping:

  • more than 500 youth and adults each year, whether they're absolute beginners to fire arts or are adding to a long list of skills
  • working artists who are building their experience and portfolios, creating work by commission, or producing new bodies of work
  • partner organizations who serve a variety of groups under-represented in the arts, from the disabled community to justice-involved youth
  • entities that seek works of public art to engage community, share cultural perspectives, and create meaningful and beautiful places    

We're grateful for the many learners whose class fees sustain a large part of our operations, but they don't cover all of our costs. Fuelerships provide CAFAC with a regular contributed income source - especially if you sign up for a monthly contribution!   

In addition to that warm feeling inside, your fuelership comes with benefits!

All Fuelers receive a thank you packagewebsite recognition, and invitations to special Fueler-only events. But there's more!

 Fuelership level Early class registration

 Annual registration  discount

Gallery gift

Special CAFAC gift*

 Super limited-edition t-shirt

 KindlingYes    can koozie 
 SparkYes   $10  can koozie 
 FlameYes   $20  can koozie 
 TorchYes   $50 $25 pick one Yes
 BlazeYes   $100$50 pick two Yes

*See Fuelership FAQs for details about the early registration process, CAFAC gift selection, using your annual discounts, and more.

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How does early registration work?

All Fuelers are able to register for upcoming classes one week before they open to the general public. Fueler early registration opens about six weeks before the start of each class quarter (class quarters start in January, April, July, October). We'll send you an email when Fueler early registration opens.

What special gifts are available?

We've selected gifts with heat, spark, and flame related interests in mind! Our current selection includes: can koozie, oven mitt, 3-in-1 BBQ tool, or CAFAC bandana. More items will be added as the Fuelership program grows! You'll be asked about your gift choice during the Fuelership application process.

How do I receive my annual class registration discount?

Once you've completed your membership, we will add a credit to your account within a couple business days. This is a manual process, so if you're ready to register before we get the credit added, send us an email. 

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