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We're the place for kids to fulfill their creative aspirations using heat, spark, and flame! Based on our adult curriculum, youth classes take scope and pace into consideration, designed for students 18 and under. Classes are offered as four-day camps in the summer, with occasional offerings during school breaks. See individual class descriptions for age ranges.

Please see these notes about youth classes before you register.

Upcoming classes

    • 30 Mar 2020
    • 03 Apr 2020
    • 4 sessions
    • 3749 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN
    • 8

    Shape iron with fire and hammer! Ignite your passion for blacksmithing as you learn shop safety and gain basic knowledge of the dynamics of forging by making some cool (hot!) stuff. This hands-on workshop will give you plenty of time to practice shaping hot steel with a hammer and anvil. You’ll make a variety of small items, but in this introductory class we will not be teaching bladesmithing or swordsmithing, which are advanced techniques.  

    Open to ages 13 to 17.  |  $240 ($200 tuition + $40 materials)   

    Instructor: Becca Cerra works at the intersection of visual and performing arts, often combining elements of sculpture with contemporary dance and partner acrobatics to create a unique, hybrid art form. She uses steel because of the way its rigidity and coldness contrasts against the softness, fragility, and impermanence of the human body. She also works with metal because of the physicality it demands; the work becomes both of and for the body. She is currently experimenting with adapting the aesthetics of her fine art practice into functional and utilitarian objects to create unforgettable home goods and private commissions.

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