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Metal casting is an ancient process that is still widely used today. In a foundry, metal is cast into shape by placing it in a crucible and heating it until molten, then poured into a mold where it cools and solidifies.

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    • 17 Oct 2018
    • 28 Nov 2018
    • 6 sessions
    • 3749 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN
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    In this course we will explore making small cast bronze sculptures using ancient methods. You'll mold small wax patterns with clay and other natural materials following Indian, African, Meso-American, and Japanese techniques. The molds will then be fired with charcoal and cast in bronze or aluminum. You can expect to make two to three works and develop skills, including wax working, clay molding, and melting metals, which will enable you to make small sculpture with low-cost recyclable materials. Alternative melting methods (primitive furnaces fired with charcoal) may be explored based on student interest. Attendance at the first class session is mandatory, as important safety information is presented.  |  $295 ($215 tuition + $80 materials)

    Instructor: Wayne Potratz is a Professor Emeritas from the University of Minnesota Art Department with more than 50 years of metal casting experience. His work in cast bronze, iron, and aluminum has been exhibited nationally and internationally and can be seen at www.ironwain.com. Potratz has done extensive creative research in historical and cultural methods of casting metals, through travels in India, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, and Europe.

    • 01 Jan 2019
    • 3749 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN
    • 8

    Future class dates TBD. 

    Learn the time honored art and skill of casting objects out of molten metal! In this introductory course, you will learn about the processes of lost wax and direct carve mold making, along with safety in the foundry, chasing, and finishing. We'll also discuss the principles of metallurgy as applied to casting. You'll participate in two metal pours during this 8-week class. One will be an aluminum pour, taking place in the third class session, and the other will be a bronze pour, during the last class session. You can expect to create two finished pieces. Please wear closed-toe leather boots (steel toed are best) as well as cotton pants, a long sleeve cotton shirt, and bring a cotton bandana or welding hat for pour days. You will be required to supply gloves to wear for pour days - specifics will be discussed on the first day of class.

    Instructor: Jess Bergman Tank has degrees in both Studio Arts and Art History from the University of Minnesota. She has been instructing and experimenting with the metalcasting process for several years. Jess delights in sharing the love of casting with others and growing the casting community through instruction at CAFAC and using her bicycle transported traveling foundry called Pedal to the Metal.

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