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Metal casting is an ancient process that is still widely used today. In a foundry, metal is cast into shape by placing it in a crucible and heating it until molten, then poured into a mold where it cools and solidifies.

Please see these notes about casting classes before you register.

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Upcoming classes

    • 22 Jan 2020
    • 11 Mar 2020
    • 8 sessions
    • 3749 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN
    • 2

    This course will turn you into a molten metal lover (if you're not one already!) as we explore the fundamentals of creating cast metal sculpture through mold-making, melting and pouring metal, and finishing techniques. You will begin by learning traditional cuttlebone mold making and move into more contemporary sand molds. We will cast with lead-free pewter, aluminum, and bronze and you can expect to complete three separate castings. You'll leave the class with skills and knowledge in the processes of lost wax and direct carve mold making, foundry safety, melting metal, chasing, and finishing.

    Please wear closed-toe leather boots (steel toed are best) as well as cotton pants, a long sleeve cotton shirt, and bring a cotton bandana or welding hat for pour days. You will be required to supply gloves to wear for pour days - specifics will be discussed on the first day of class.  $340 ($280 tuition + $60 materials)

    Instructor: Jess Bergman Tank has been exploring art her entire life and was introduced to cast metal as a teenager. She has been instructing and creating with the metalcasting process professionally for the past decade following completion of degrees in both Studio Arts and Art History from the University of Minnesota. Jess delights in sharing the love of casting with others and growing the casting community through instruction at CAFAC and casting in fun and unusual places with her bicycle transported art engagement tool called Pedal to the Metal: Traveling Foundry.

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